Things to Do in St Ives in Winter.

St Ives is one of the most magical getaway locations for families, couples and groups that want to experience a unique and relaxing holiday away from the city. As one of the most well-loved destinations in the whole of Cornwall, St Ives offers a myriad of things to do even during the winter months. Despite Cornwall being known for its hundreds of miles of coastline and hiking routes, there’s something remarkable about St Ives when the temperatures drop that we’ll explore in our blog.

Explore the Quiet and Tranquil Beaches


During the hotter months, the beaches in St Ives (specifically Porthminster, Porthgwidden, Porthmeor and Harbour) are incredibly busy. They’re packed with sunbathers and swimmers that are all enjoying the warmth of the sun but come winter the beaches are incredibly quiet and make way for anyone that’s wrapped themselves in comfortable winter clothing. It’s a fantastic time to explore the beaches and walk up and down the beautiful coastline for some amazing views. Along the beaches are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of tea and some snacks. The atmosphere creates a wonderful backdrop for a winter walk and with the many cosy cottages around, it could be as convenient as walking out the front door and straight onto one of the many beaches in St Ives.

Storm Watching from St Ives


A lot of people would be surprised to hear that storm watching is a relatively popular pastime and tourist attraction at St Ives. While many people prefer to enjoy the hot sun and long days, others like to sit indoors with a hot drink, some sweet desserts and watch the waves rage against the coast. It’s an exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or a specific storm watching location that is sheltered from the power of the waves. There are countless little cafés and pubs along the coastline that offer a safe haven from the storms while also offering you real ales, traditional British cuisine and a warm fire to help you stay cosy indoors. It’s definitely one of the most unique and exciting attractions when it comes to visiting St Ives in the winter months.

Huddle Up Somewhere Warm


There’s nothing quite like gathering around a fire with your friends or family members, sharing stories and enjoying a nice hot drink or even bonding over something unique such as a board game or the latest festive programming on television. With plenty of cosy little cottages around St Ives and even traditional taverns that serve good hearty grub, there’s no shortage of excellent places to spend your winter holiday in warmth surrounded by the people you love. If you’re after a relaxing winter holiday, then there’s nothing quite like the beauty of St Ives serving as your backdrop while you huddle around a fire with a pair of warm socks and a good book or relaxing music to keep you entertained.

Spend Christmas and New Year in St Ives


There are countless things to do over in St Ives during the festive season. The Christmas lights officially switch on early in December, lighting up the town and making way for local Christmas markets and festive decorations. There are local fairs, farmers markets and even an appearance by Santa Claus arriving at the harbour by lifeboat! There are choirs singing, lovely snacks to sample and plenty of hot drinks to help keep you warm. There’s really no shortage of things to do during the Christmas holiday season in St Ives and there are plenty of restaurants and pubs that serve delicious Christmas dinners and lunches.
New Year’s Eve in St Ives has become one of the towns most famous and exciting celebrations with colourful street parties, fireworks and the whole of St Ives harbour turns into one big family street party. Everyone, including ourselves dress up in some amazing costumes, it’s not to be missed!
If you’re looking to spend your Christmas and New Year in a magical winter retreat, then St Ives is a must-visit destination.
Check out this video of New Year Eve in St Ives
Take a look at our special places to stay this Christmas and New Year in St Ives.

Sample Hearty Cornish Cuisine


Home to the legendary Cornish pasty, Cornwall is surprisingly diverse when it comes to traditional British food. The cream tea, for example, has become synonymous with Cornwall and there are plenty of small cafés and local eateries that offer up their own version of the afternoon tea classic. Slice a freshly-baked scone in half, add a dollop of strawberry jam and a big spoon of clotted cream to finish this sweet snack. Our favioute place for take away cream teas is The Allotment Deli on Fore Street. If you fancy taking in the sea views then Porthmeor Cafe is unbeatable, they serve a fabulous cream tea!
Another Cornwall treat is the Newlyn crab. The highly-prized sweet white meat of the Newlyn crab is often made into soups and sandwiches which are popular all over St Ives. Lastly, we also can’t forget Cornish mead. Made from fermented honey and water, Cornish mead is a sweet alcohol beverage often served in the pubs around St Ives.

Visit Tate St Ives


Even if you’re not into modern art, Tate St Ives is a brilliant place to visit because of the unique architecture and the gorgeous views that overlook the coast and Porthmeor Beach. The building is sunk into the cliffs, giving it a unique and interesting look which stands out among the traditional houses and structures of Cornwall. One of the best reasons to visit during winter is due to fantastic views it offers of the beach. Take a leisurely stroll across the coastline and then head inland to tour the beautiful pieces of artwork in the Tate St Ives. After that, find a local pub to and enjoy a hearty meal with a hot drink to warm you up and relax after a long day of exploration. It’s a brilliant distraction that is sure to inspire creative types and create talking points for anyone even remotely interested in modern art!
Visit the Tate St Ives website

Self catering cottages in St Ives

We have a selection of luxury holiday cottages in St Ives & Carbis Bay with cosy fires to keep you warm in the winter months, take a look here!

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